“A piece of writing is never good,” he told me. “There is simply a moment when it is less bad than before.”
― Joël Dicker, The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair


How to get started with CSS   08 Oct 2016
Learning CSS is not an easy task. I found this exaclty the hard way. The first time I saw CSS code was in High School, when I took a course in which we learned the... Read more >>

Animated image text fill with CSS3   02 Sep 2016
The last days I’ve been checking out some CSS-only effects that I could use in headers, without the need for JavaScript. I made some pens at Codepen and tested combinations of effects, transforms and animations... Read more >>

Helo World!   27 Aug 2016
Hello World! I’ve decided to add this section on the website so I could write a bit. Besides being good for my writting skills, I believe that this project can help me learn new things.... Read more >>